Tori Indeed & Big Dave – Vendetta

Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, June 17, 2019

It’s Monday night, which means it’s time for Vibe2Vibe with Tori Indeed and Big Dave. Tonight they both admitted to having busy schedules and obligations that called for a break here and there, however everything’s back on track. Which means the vibes are aligned for a fun filled show with a little something for everyone.

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First up, an impressive young girl by the name of Skye Blue is highlighted for her courageous aspirations. Already a leader, she hopes one day to become a judge. In just a few seconds of a video the online audience was introduced to a confident and charismatic voice for change. 

Tori Indeed said that Skye Blue had the opportunity to attend a day camp that taught girls about politics and the importance of voting. She herself is already aware and supportive of topics like anti-bullying, equal pay, free school for all, and health care as well. Tori Indeed is flabbergasted by her interests at such a young age.  

“She has like this natural comical side to her,” said Tori Indeed. “ I’m so excited. She is amazing,” said Tori Indeed.

Next, there’s an open mic event this Wednesday. Artists from all genres are encouraged to bring their usb and personality to showcase their latest works at Latin Flavor Lounge located in Newark, New Jersey. The show is free, however there will be beverages, food, and raffles. Shortly after Tori Indeed asks Big Dave what does he consider to be a difference between a showcase and an open mic.  

“I would say there’s not as much pressure because showcases people bring out A&R’s and DJ’s that play in different states,” said Big Dave. “Open mic is more to perfect your craft and have a good time. Showcases you pay for most times, open mics most times are free,” said Big Dave.  

Music submissions are overflowing and incredibly diverse this evening. Cartoon kicked things off with an old school poetic feel song titled My Misery. Donte Hawkins followed up with This is Love, which makes you want to snap and rock lightly side to side. Those are just a preview of the various entries submitted.

The Mayan Factor from Baltimore, Maryland is the featured Artist Highlight this evening. Tori Indeed personally loves their music and is just excited to feature them.

After Big Dave read a bit from their bio and press kit he relates to losing a member and acknowledges their come back makes them even stronger. “…it shows that this is what they want to do and they’re here to stay” he stated.

Tori Indeed is excited to play the first featured song “… it’s different guys but this is Vibe2Vibe; Vibe2Vibe literally stands for Genre2Genre so vibe with me here”.

Tori Indeed and Big Dave agree to play Whispers by The Mayan Factor.

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Tori Indeed and Big Dave critique them all before bringing on J.L.G on a Live On-Demand Video Interview. He’s from Miami Florida and has been actively pursuing music for three years. He Says that he fell in love in junior high school. He started out in a hip-hop group and found his love for recording. He says that he creates alternative rock, pop, and dance. 

“I feel like my music will make a difference because I make timeless music,” said J.L.G. “For example Phil Collins, were in 2019 and people are still like I love this song. That’s what I want someone having a memory when they listen to my music,” said J.L.G.  

Want to know more about what J.L.G had to say? Be sure to catch tonight’s recap video and tune in each and every Monday night where the vibe is always real. 

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