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Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, July 3, 2019

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Tori Indeed and Thomas Kinslow, the creator and founder of Dewey Does sat down for a much needed discussion on fitness, education, and many children’s favorite place, the playground. 

Inspired by his then eight year old son, Kinslow created a reoccurring character that encourages boys and girls to indulge in sports and exercise. He believes that the time allotted for outdoor activities at school is decreasing, and he’s not sure why. “We want kids to get out and play,” said Kinslow. His books and app showcase images of Dewey playing sports like basketball and golf. He said that children exposed to these images will want to imitate by buying the equipment needed.

Dewey does loves sports, but he’s also established a healthy balance with the importance of his education. “I didn’t push my son to play sports,” said Kinslow. “I wanted to see what he would do on his own,” said Kinslow. Today his son tells his friends about Dewey, the fact that he was the inspiration, and the overall concept to help children become more active. 

Prior to becoming a series writer, Kinslow said he wanted to design something for kids. Initially that something was t-shirts. When he began writing along with his co-author John Cooper, their main idea was to create images that would persuade children and adults to play. 

“They’ll look at images and maybe that will inspire them to become more active,” said Kinslow. “The other part of it I wanted to create a conversation. If a child looks at the specific image they may indulge in conversation with their dad asking to play a sport,” said Kinslow.

Since this theory, Kinslow and Cooper created three books with the fourth on the way before Cooper’s untimely passing. The powerhouse team build a game within six months, a website, and even an Instagram page specifically for Dewey. Dewey is becoming a household name. 

All books are located at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Also on, there is information on how to become a sponsor, as well as fundraisers.

“We want to help kids not just to get involved with sports but also because we care about their health and well-being,” said Kinslow. 

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