Tori Indeed and Bobby Crillz

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 It’s A Vibe with Bobby Crillz and Tori Indeed 

Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, July 17, 2019 

Record label owner, Artist, and business extraordinaire Bobby Crillz, hops in the hot seat to express to Tori Indeed why he’s worked too hard to be number two.  

 “It’s funny the first time I ever wrote a rap it was a dis song for a friend of mine,” said Crillz. I was ballin, crossing my man up and he was a rapper. He said he could beat me in anything I could do,” said Crillz. 

That challenge inspired Crillz to step into a new field he’d later brand as alternative boombat. He reminisces over the instrumental, the length of the piece, and the overall process. He says it encouraged him to continue which led him to winning his high school’s talent show.  

“After that my head was big,” said Crillz. “I won the talent show it was over, I’m about to make it. We went to my friend’s house and made our first tape. We did it on karaoke machine,” said Crillz.  

He confidently acknowledges his growth by admitting to his prior flaws stating that he wasn’t good. He says at the time he was 16 or 17 years old and still just learning. His friends whom he had no idea enjoyed rapping were more experienced, but openly took him in showing him the ropes.

“I just never knew they were into that stuff,” said Crillz. “They had a vote and I was put in. Those are my boys to this day. It was all love,” said Crillz.  

Crillz goes on to give insight about the influence of his stage name, his musical inspirations, and his similarities to one legendary rapper in particular. 

“My real name is Roberto Rios,” said Crillz. “Bobby comes from Robert. When I was younger it came from experience. At the time it was how I was brought up doing stupid things in the street. It’s been a long journey, trials, and tribulations to get to the point where we are at now,” said Crillz.  

 Big Pun, Nas, and Jay-Z are people that molded him and he’s used for his muse. He and Big Pun share the same last name, they are both Puerto Rican, and he jokingly says there could even be a possible family relation between the two of them. 

“There’s probably some relation somewhere you know. It’s a small Island so I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Crillz. 

This past weekend media personalities, family, and friends all joined Crillz for an exclusive first look at his latest venture. Some of the individuals in attendance included Daniree, Lorenzo Cardona, and Tori Indeed. He and Tori indeed quickly touch base on the day of the event, the meaning behind March Fifth Music, and the purpose of the celebration.     

Then, he refers back to his exclusive sample and the fact that his current project is different from anything he’s ever released before. He says that he’s done his homework, he’s researched, and stepped far outside of his box.   

“It’s a journey. There are steps and planning before delivering the final production,” said Crillz.  He says that at 17 or 18 he was led by peers and had no clue who he was and that there were things he had to do in order to be here today. 

“It was there,” said Crillz. “It just took time to develop. It’s genuine, there is no facade. Who I am is who I am,” said Crillz. 

He says that he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. In the near future he will be looking to sign new talent. He has a show coming up August second, and you can find him and March Fifth music on all major platforms. 

“It took a long time to get here,” said Crillz. “It’s all documented. If you watch my Instagram you’ll see constant growth. I’m being consistent and putting in the work. The music yeah the music is there but I’m giving you my life. I’m giving you me. Once they appreciate that it’s over. You fall in love with the person,” said Crillz. 

To learn more about Bobby Crillz and March Fifth Music be sure to check out this week’s recap only on Vibe2Vibe TV.  

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