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Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, May 18, 2019

It was a maze of twists and turns that led to a room full of people. In that room, off to the left side was an elevator waiting to come down from the fourth floor. Two floors away from Author and playwright Charron Monaye’s Get Out of Your Way Tour.

The anticipation started to rise from one floor to the next. Seconds which seemed like a lifetime followed by an abrupt stop, and the doors reopened. A few steps, and there she was beside a table decorated with playbills.

The play which was held at New York’s Theater Row this past Saturday evening at 7pm, is based on the obstacles of Carrie Williams. In an attempt to protect her daughter, limits are tested as she is forced to come against the lives of others.  

“This play actually was created based on me coaching people and them always saying I want to become, I want to do but,” said Monaye. “And then it became well what’s the but? And the but ended up being fear, failure, finances, I don’t have control, and I want to live up to my parent’s expectations. It was everything that they were telling themselves to stop them from doing the things that they wanted to do,” said Monaye.

Charron Monaye wears various hats. During her interview with Red Carpert host Victoria “Tori Indeed” Quiroz, she briefly discussed each stating that she began as a poet, which led to her becoming a songwriter, an author, and a playwright. With the inclusion of her own personal experiences, stories and trials of others, she has compiled a 25 year long resume. Some of which includes eight published books, four co-authored books, three theatrical productions, and contributions to more than 30 anthologies worldwide.

“My writing has literally just evolved over the years,” said Monaye. Get out Of your Way which was written in 2013, premiered and sold out in Hollywood. Monaye, a native of Philadelphia said that God told her California is where the play would debut. After reconnecting with a friend via social media who loved the script, she immediately had a show.

“My 40th birthday was my auditions,” said Monaye. “So I flew to L.A., we did the auditions, came home, and I had a show,” said Monaye.

As for what to expect next, Charron Monaye said that she’s busy working on the sequel and the feature film titled Sinful Secrets.   

As Tori Indeed and Charron Monaye concluded with smiles, Purpose Pusher award winner of the night, Davida D. made her way over. The Brooklyn native is a comedian, actress, writer and much more. She has made appearances on Wild N Out, Sirius XM and various other platforms. She also has her own clothing line and is the founder of Happy Endings Comedy Show which is designed to create exposure for other aspiring comedians.

She said the first time she ever had the opportunity to perform before an audience, was at the age of 9 during a community talent show. At the time she wasn’t aware of her gift, but no one else wanted to go first so she decided to take the step. She said that she was the first person in her family to graduate from college. Shortly after she had a job that guaranteed almost six figures, however it didn’t fit her purpose.  

“You have to make your dreams into a reality,” said Davida D. “You have to break those barriers. Show up for you, show up for your happiness, show up for your success, and don’t listen to the naysayers. Just listen to your heart, your purpose, and you do whatever you have to do to live that dream,” said Davida D.  

Unique Chapman, a native from Washington D.C., was another honoree of the evening. She is a digital content creator and correspondent that decided to stay in New York after finishing college in 2011. She was full of smiles while conversing with Tori Indeed informing her that not only was the award a pleasant surprise, but also her first award ever.

As to date, she said that she’s working on a podcast called Dear Black Girl where black women can come and share their journeys through their playlists. It can be heard on all major platforms.

Before the night could come to an end, Tori Indeed asked Charron Monaye to step back into the spotlight with the contributing authors of Get Out Of Your Own Way, for a moment of introductions and reflections on their process. So Monaye went around introducing each author and explained how she met them.

She said she’s known Teddy Pendergrass II the longest. They went to college together at West Chester University. Parenthysis E. Gardner was in her first play and she’s a director as well. Sidney Ginyard is an actor in Get Out Of Your Own Way. Brett Lillard came to the first show in California. LaKeya Guy was supposed to be a part of the first co- author book and refused to let the opportunity pass her by. She used to write for Lisa Dove’s magazine, and last but not least she’s known Chris Hopson his entire life. He is her son and one of her biggest supporters.        

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