Seba La Marka, Slim D, & RJ Da Realest

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, March 18, 2019

Tori Indeed and Big Dave are back for another Monday evening of Vibe2Vibe with musical guests Seba La Marka, Slim D, and RJ Da Realest.

Before diving into tonight’s theme, Tori Indeed gives major shout outs as always. Some of which include Base, Smiley Miami & his Take Flight Tour, Rebelde, Barretta Music Group, inDTV which is a channel on UNTV that recognized women for Women’s History Month, Mr. Incredible Show, Sky Camp on creating his own record label, model 2Short, and Vibe2Vibe member and encourager, Tone Motivates.

Proceeding the first break, Vibe2Vibe welcomes familiar face Seba La Marka. He has been on the show before, but this is his first time at the new location. He and the hosts share a few back and forth responses before getting into his first selection titled Olvidate De El. Seba La Marka says the message behind the lyrics, is for women to forget about guys that have done them wrong.

“I have a couple more coming up a couple that will make you say oh this is Seba La Marka.”


The next break brings DMV artist Slim D. Tori Indeed originally met him at The MVMT Space and remembers him for his resourceful use of the airdrop feature on his phone in which he sent everyone his song concluding his performance. She begins by complimenting him on his branding technique and immediately moves toward his background, influences, and his sound.  

“I was born in Virginia, moved around a lot,” said Slim D. “I moved to Jersey when I was little, Pennsylvania all of that. That’s kind of what makes up my sound, I don’t have a specific sound.  I like people who have content and at the same time they have flavor to their artwork, stay organic and true to themselves,” said Slim D.

Tori Indeed searches through his list of flavors and picks Outro to play first. Slim D says he thinks it deserves more love, and that it gives a little taste of what he’s about and aspects of his life.

“Positive thoughts produce positive actions,” said Slim D. “It’s easy to be negative about certain situations but once you start thinking positive it brings more positivity to you.”


The final guest for the evening, is international rapper RJ Da Realest of Long Island, New York. Three shows ago his song was featured on Vibe2Vibe. Tori Indeed loves his introduction filled with a plethora of honorable mentions.

They converse over the importance of managers, and quickly jump into the meaning of his stage name which is an abbreviation of his real name, Reggie Jr. Then he gives his understanding on the process and difficulties of an artist, traveling, and growing within the industry. During his stay in France, he had the opportunity to be interviewed and says that he definitely plans to go back.

“You have to come from the bottom before you get to the top,” said RJ Da Realest. “The overseas crowd treats you like a super star even if you don’t have a big name just because you’re from New York. They love the style and the way we talk.”

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