Munch Ali

Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, April 1, 2019

Tori Indeed and Big Dave are back for another Monday evening of live vibes with Rapper Munch Ali.

Shout outs are approached differently today beginning with the recent passing of Quad Studio owner, David Rosner and Rapper Nipsey Hussle. Both men inspired and opened doors for individuals pursuing a career in the industry as well as those already affiliated.

Munch Ali happens to be one of those individuals. Along with Tori indeed and Big Dave, he reminisced over Nipsey Husslescharacter and impact in his community, and the rap community as whole.

My uncle was doing music like a jingle in 96,” said Munch Ali. They put me in a studio and I started jamming to throw back Men in Black. That was my first vivid memory, then from there it was middle school. Everybody would be at my house battling.I got the name Munch in high school from my friends, but Ali came from a relative. He said that while I was rapping that my punch lines reminded him of Ali,” said Munch Ali.

Before music he was a football player, and wanted to go to the NFL. He says as a child he didn’t see himself as a rapper but credits his sports training, and discipline for his determination today. “The same way I would attack in football, I treat the studio,” said Munch Ali.

After finishing high school, he attended the University of Delaware. At that time he was still rapping for fun, but using his school refund checks to help endorse his new dream.  

It’s a whole different scene,” said Munch Ali. “Delaware definitely influenced my music. I had a studio equipment in my dorm room. The love was crazy. I really started to take it serious my junior year or senior year. I was like this is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. When the football dream wasn’t tangible, I just picked up the saddle and started going hard,” said Munch Ali.

From there he talks about his iTunes hustle, and his growth in the field from being creative to learning the business and seeing music as a way to move people and take care of family. His song titled MOOD has the whole room dancing in their seats especially towards the end with his added touch of Jersey club.In the chat room he receives great reviews, and curiosity about the songs inspiration.

“My inspiration for mood came from social media,” said MunchAli. Every morning on social media I see a girl’s mood. This is every day and current so I need to put it in the music for people to relate to,” said Munch Ali.

The chatroom is on a roll following up with more questions like where does he see himself in the next five years, his dream producer, and song lyrics. He says that he wants to build, he seems himself making an impact, Kanye West is the dream producer, he can’t knock his production, and yes he writes all of his lyrics.

“I want to be an influence in the game,” said Munch Ali. “I want to really be able to impact embracing, hustling, and winning. Everyone wants to win without putting the ground work. That’s why I respect Nipsey so much because he really put the ground work in. I want to take my time with it, build my foundation with my team, and want to produce great fruit. Working with Kanye would be a dream and I write all of my lyrics, but I don’t shoot anyone’s opinion down,” said Munch Ali.

Aside from the studio, he says that he writes everywhere including his car where he also listens to beats. While at work he wrote a song about being his own boss, and crossed over a bit to the production side of things. Shortly after Tori Indeed checks for music submissions and Munch Ali helps her and Big Dave with their critiques.

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