Mar Breaz

Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, March 14 th, 2018

Tori Indeed and Co-Host Big Dave opened up Vibe2Vibe with a tribute to the late great rapper Biggie Smalls. Before welcoming special guest of the evening Mar Breaz, they discussed the highlights of their weekend, updates on upcoming events, and shout outs.

After returning from the first break, the team was joined by Breaz. He’s and artist originally from Jamaica, that moved to the United States around the age of eight. While he discussed his roots and transitioning from one culture to another, he credited his father who was a DJ, for introducing him to dance hall which is what he grew up on. He said he didn’t get into Hip-Hop until later on, and that he doesn’t stick to one thing. “I didn’t really pick up on Hip-Hop until 12 or 13. The first Hip-Hop song I probably got into was by DMX,” said BreazTori Indeed followed his lead with a personal experience about DMX and his influence on music. “Everyone was a Ruff Rider,” said Tori Indeed.

Breaz switched genre gears and gave out a few more musical inspirations specifically the rhythm and blues artist of the 80’s. He said he had to listen to what was being played and grew to appreciate it. It came to a shock to Tori Indeed that he’d be familiar with the era due to his youthful appearance. So it made her wonder how long ago he began. “I started taking it serious six or seven years ago. I started recording myself. You have to try to put the music out, reach out to some people. The grind is not easy. At first you’re walking in the dark, but I figured it out. You have to stay self-motivated because you get lost,” said Breaz.

Next Breaz shared an exclusive song titled Hold It Down, and listened to other submissions with Tori Indeed and Big Dave. He said he’s currently working on more music, and future show

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