LoverBoy’s Club; Bandit The Rapper

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, March 25, 2019

Tori Indeed and Big Dave are back for another Monday night full of music, laughs, and great energy with special guests Lover Boy’s Club, and Bandit the Rapper.

First up, is Base and Gatfield. Together, they make up Lover Boy’s club. They said the name was originally a thought for their EP based on an inside joke however it was catchy and the way people began referring to them. The two have been working together since last summer which is when Gatfield first began. Base says he began a year ago as the two embellish over Gatfield’s first experience speaking on the microphone.  

“We’re going to reach the top and I’m not stopping,” said Base.

A few weeks ago Tori Indeed had the chance to catch the gentlemen live in action at their first ever performance. She said she couldn’t tell that they were nervous, that they seemed confident and very engaged with the crowd.

“I’m a natural at this,” said Base. “I’m supposed to be in front of people entertaining them whether acting or music,” said Base.

Outside of their joint musical collaboration, the two share a clothing brand and also have individual songs that allow their audience to get to know them better.

After the break, Bandit the Rapper joins Tori Indeed and Big Dave. Almost immediately into the conversation, Tori Indeed compliments his red curly hair and after saying thank you Bandit the Rapper says that as an artist you’re supposed to grab attention.

Recently he signed as a songwriter with Sony, and has been seen on VH1 and MTV. He says that he began around 2004 or 2005 mainly doing a lot of behind the scenes work.

“You know when they have writers block they bring someone in,” said Bandit the Rapper. “It was perfect timing and a lot of hard work.”

Tori Indeed asks him to further explain his roots and overall sound. He defines it as Hip-Hop but creates more rhythm and blues as well as pop.

“A lot of things in Rap I can’t touch on because the rap audience doesn’t want to hear that lovey dovey side,” said Bandit the Rapper. “I really came from the battle rap circuit. That’s where I started at. Coming from that side we wouldn’t want to hear R&B,” said Bandit the Rapper.


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