Little Engine Media’s VMA VIP Experience & After Party

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By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, August 31, 2019

 Monday night New Jersey made history as the Video Music Awards was hosted at Prudential Center located in Newark. Little Engine Media a digital marketing agency, followed suit with the ultimate after party and VIP experience.

The evening took place at Tryp just a few blocks from the VMA’s and some of today’s biggest names in entertainment. The floors shined, the rooms were spacious, and the wings were amazing. The seating arrangements were great including the very important people section that mirrored a fancy living room with a carpet, and center piece. The bar was packed, and the staff was pleasant. Not to mention the lower level that had an impressive portrait of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil, and a bathroom with marvelous selfie lighting.

It was like the snap of two fingers and the room filled with guest dressed from head to toe. Entertainers, entrepreneurs, athletes, fashion figures, and musicians from all walks of life danced, ate, and networked the entire night. Some of which even sat down with Tori Indeed of Vibe2Vibe TV for a one on one interview. When asked how she felt about the night Indeed replied… 

“I definitely loved the fact that the VMA VIP experience and the after party were going on at the same time and you could experience everything… all the vibes. My favorite part was interacting and engaging with a lot of passionate people.”

Indeed, as soon as you walked out of the building and around the corner, it was like round two. Just about an entire hotel floor. One room just for gamers, lots of laughter, and drinks. The other room had fruit samples, make up, and another beautiful crowd of excited individuals. 

Walking down the hall a door led to the outside. A rooftop view like a movie and flashing lights from cameras played tag across the reclining chairs. Bronzed faces glowed and poses naturally flowed. Lots of great dialogues, jokes, and positive energy surfaced for some time until the chill edged the crowd back into the hotel and back toward the VIP experience. 

Looks like more people arrived. Evan The Show, media specialist, host, and one of three partners for the night’s event was playing multiple roles from greeting guest, directing them toward the interview section, setting up, and guaranteeing a show stopping event. When asked how he’d describe the night he said…   

“The night was an example of great things becoming the city of Newark.” 

Image may contain: 2 people, including Victoria Quiroz, people smiling, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: Drew Ski

 Just like that it’s already after one in the morning. DJ Drewski was all packed up, Tori Indeed as well except a few things she left in the room. As she prepared the rest of her belongings, the man of the hour, creator of Little Engine Media, and partner REG, graced the halls while smiling and thanking his guests. 

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