It’s A Vibe with Tori Indeed and Big Dave

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Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, June 10, 2019

Tori Indeed and Big Dave are back for another Monday evening of vibes. Quickly they recap last week’s episode which introduced the Live On-Demand Video capabilities, followed by a summary of the apps features and media personalities.

Next Tori Indeed acknowledges the chat room, and the lengthy amount of music submissions including selections from IAm3AM, TheRealPolo, and Rob Riley Really. She and Big Dave playfully tease one another back and forth, and True Goddess joins the audience.

Shortly after, news and topics like the Boston Red Sox and a terrible motorcycle incident are discussed. Tori Indeed personally knew the victim and their family and encourages their Go Fund Me account. Then Tori Indeed and Big Dave both return to the submissions.

“So we got a submission from Young AD it’s called Cool as Me,” said Big Dave.  

Concluding the single, Dave encourages the audience members in the chat room to give their opinions while Tori Indeed searches for the next artist. She and Big Dave stumble on the pronunciation of one name which reminds Big Dave of a prior conversation about multiple words and places. Then, Tori Indeed hops back into the chat and applauds the entire UNTV family which is tuned in.

More music critiques, Big Dave’s confirmation, and a lot more conversation you won’t want to miss. Be sure to check out this week’s recap and tune in each and every Monday night.

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