It’s A Vibe with Jamal & Jay Vereen

By: Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, February 20, 2019

Tori Indeed and Big Dave of Vibe2Vibe sat down Monday night with R&B artists Jamal and Jay Vereen for an exclusive one on one.

This was Jamals second appearance on Vib2Vibe. He kicked things off giving a recap on his latest projects, his consistent hours in the studio, and his interest in film.

“I’m trying to get into acting too,” said Jamal. “I want to do my own stunts. I’d really like to do fighting scenes.”

Tori Indeed applauded him on his work ethic as well as his dedication. She then chimed in with her own experience working with a stunt person. Next she asked him to recount his sound, the meaning behind his name, and an artist he’d like to collaborate with.  

“How would you describe your music,” asked Tori Indeed? “Do you like acting more than singing?”

“Passionate, explicit, and real. Oh no, music, music, music,” replied Jamal.

Jay Vereen proudly hails from Trenton, New Jersey. He said that his hometown is his past present and future. He further explained that lots of memories were created, and his need to put Trenton on the map.

“When did you discover your love for R&B,” asked Tori Indeed?

“Maybe high school…I graduated in 2013. I started taking it serious after high school. I’ve been consistently working for a month and a half,” said Jay Vereen.

Jay Vereen with the help of his management in the live audience started to run off a list of upcoming events and shows. Tori Indeed also applauded his dedication, she was amazed by his progress in such a short period of time.


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