It’s A Vibe with Channel Forbus

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Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, June 3, 2019

Tonight Big Dave introduces Vibe2Vibe’s Live On-Demand Video Interview capabilities allowing Artist Channel Forbus to be a special guest host from Miami Florida.

New technological advances call for new tips brought to you by Channel Forbus. Briefly Forbus, also a host based in Miami touches, critiques other artists and gives an in depth look into the industry.  

Before jumping into the of music, Big Dave and Forbus went blow for blow about topics such as boxing, weather conditions throughout different places of the world and limitations on monetizing via the internet.

‘You tired of Youtube dancing all in the videos,” asked Forbus?

What begins as a joke turns serious as Big Dave and Forbus speak about the benefits of moving music from one platform to another and ways to monetize in and outside of the industry. Fobus suggests universe network as a possible solution. Big Dave says that everything is always growing and he’d have to refocus in order to really answer the question at stake.   

“ Hip Hop is still a child.A lot of hip hop was started on was based on sampling

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