It’s a Collaboration Vibe with Mr. J and Bash Atlas


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                By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Former guests Mr. J and Bash Atlas returned to Vibe2Vibe Monday night for an exclusive project release. 

The two artists originally met almost a year ago at the show. During that time they spoke about collaborating, and decided to follow through over the last few weeks. 

“The fact that both of us was about it, it got done immediately there were no hiccups. He called me up and said here’s the thing and spit over the phone,” said Mr. J.

Mr. J is a visual artist, he focused on design, and created the image for promotional and apparel usage. Bash Atlas is a musician, songwriter, and studio owner.   

“The power of networking,” said Big Dave. “See I tell people all the time…network network network. You may meet people in different fields and want to work in that field. It’s always good to meet people from different paths.”

Both gentlemen agreed that Substance which is the title of Bash Atlas’ new single came about rather organically. There was an open line of communication where both parties met deadlines, worked professionally in person, and via text message. Mr. J listened to Bash Atlas’ vison and the image he formed is not only the singles cover art but the fashionable t-shirt line that’s more than halfway from being sold out.  

“In the picture, Bash Atlas is actually performing. “You have to peel back layers when you draw someone. I have to make you look not old and goofy. You get to know people in a way of doing that,” said Mr. J

Tori indeed complimented Mr. J on his art within art of learning and understanding people’s features before asking the duo to share their current ideas. Bash went first, and said that he is working on building seven streams of income including his job, real estate, apparel, music, and a marketing company. He said real estate is starting to pick up and he plans to create a millionaire circle where the team members will hold one another accountable. Recruits, more collaborations, and cross promoting is welcomed. 

‘We’ve got spreadsheets with goals written down, deadlines, and support that is needed,” said Bash Atlas.   

Mr. J is working on publishing a book within the next two to three months in which he plans to do all of the artwork. “It’s a sci-fi novel about a kid in the future,” said Mr. J. “He kind of breaks some rules and he’s sent away to an exiled planet and has to learn how to survive by himself.”

To find out more about the various talents of Bash Atlas and Mr. J., be sure to catch this week’s recap only on Vibe2Vibe UNTV.

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