Heat Cartel x Lil Sleepy 202

  It’s a Vibe with Heat Cartel and Lil Sleepy 202

             Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Tori Indeed and the members of Heat Cartel kicked things off with a toast that guaranteed a night of great energy on this edition of Vibe2Vibe.  

The Heat Cartel is comprised of founder Jae Pryce, Mark Money, Jersey Chris, and Lil Sleepy 202. Together they represent New Jersey, New York, and D.C.

It all began with a direct message of admiration for her craft on Instagram, said Lil Sleepy 202. Jae Pryce initiated the conversation, she responded, and from there she said they’ve been musically married ever since.

“A lot of people talk but when I was six months pregnant he came all the way to D.C. to see me,” said Lil Sleepy 202. “They said there was an announcement that could change my life and before he was about to say it he was boo-hooing and that’s what makes me associate with him,” said Lil Sleepy 202.

Lil Sleepy 202 continued on referring to where she found her start in the music industry beginning with the Levine Music School, her various mixtapes, and use of her mac book which she used for all of her recorded material.

I’ve always been an artist for as long as I can remember,” said Lil Sleepy202. When I was in elementary school I started rapping at eight and recording at 10. Here we are 20 years later and I’m still here. This is a lifestyle. I’ve always been able to rap and carry a tune, but in 2012 I bought a mac book and started mixing myself. It’s been going up from there,” said Lil Sleepy 202.

Prior to joining forces with the other members of Heat Cartel, Lil Sleepy 202 said that she was skeptical in regards to the intentions of individuals within the industry. She said she’s had music stolen from her before, and was misinformed and or excluded from business aspects. However, that has all changed especially when it comes to understanding her worth, the importance of her time, and the trade as a whole.

You’re worth what you say you’re worth or you just won’t have it. You can’t get a free beat, free studio time, you have to pay for it. I’m taking time out my day and taking care of my kid so therefore I have to be compensated for my craft,” said Lil Sleepy 202.

Not only is she aware of her worth, but legendary veterans such as Timbaland and Missy Elliot have also taken a liking to her work. According to Lil Sleepy 202, Missy Elliot may have even used one of her songs as inspiration.

Mark Money and Jersey Chris took a turn at the mic and gave insight about their roles within the group and as individuals. Mark money said he makes music, does skits, and even has his hands in the creation of women’s apparel. Jersey Chris said that he worked on Wall Street, and that he’s been doing music his entire life. Just like Lil Sleepy 202, he thanked Jae Pryce for believing in him and being able to be a part of his vision.

“Something in my creativity motivated him to bring me on,” said Jersey Chris. The Heat Cartel is an organization of people that have dedicated their life to perfect their craft. From the shirts, to music, to their passion it’s crazy,” said Jersey Chris.

Jae Pryce and the team have lots of great things coming up such as a deal with Netflix, an orchestrated performance, and an album from Lil Sleepy 202. But, in order to get the rest of the scoop…head on over to Vibe2Vibe, and remember to tune in each and every Monday night with Tori Indeed and Big Dave.  


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