Despite Obstacles the Path leads to Serenity

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson


The night’s venue was located at Ryarmo Studio which turned into a memorable concert setting as soon as violinist JRead took the floor. With a sample from Musiq Soulchild and original pieces like Can’t Nobody, the crowd was aroused and ready for more. 

SerenityakaTDB and Tori Indeed

Before receiving just that the host of the evening Tori Indeed, briefly explained her relationship to Serenity and how they went from working together, to becoming close friends and family. Earlier in the week Serenity also made a special appearance on Vibe2Vibe UNTTV hosted by Tori Indeed in preparation for the event.  

Everyone in the room shared meaningful stories and experiences in regard to their connection to Serenity. Attendees included but were not limited to friends, family, photographers, media personalities, artist, and entrepreneurs.

“I’m just happy she’s able to deliver to the people,” said Purple. “She’s amazing, she’s super dope and I’m glad she’s able to live in her moment. I’m glad she’s able to enjoy it. She’s making history.”  

In between the night’s performances from Serenity herself, rapper and signer EPiche, an informative presentation about Lupus, food offerings, and laughter, the lyrical warrior made sure to personally acknowledge each individual. In doing so, she chose to share a few words about each person as a token of gratitude.

“I’m appreciative for all of you taking time out of your lives because this is time you can’t get back.”- Serenity

For the last two years Serenity has been a featured musician in a documentary about emerging hip-hop artist. The directors of the series, Boris Tsessarsky and PaulA Neves, were amongst those in attendance. During the festivities they filmed performances, the happiest of moments, the tear jerkers, and everything in between. 

“As long as you do the work and trust the process, you’re going to get to where you need to go.”-Serenity 

After a slight break Tori indeed grabbed the microphone again to give a synopsis about Lupus. She focused on key areas and symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, and weight loss. Then she commended Serenity for her strength in pushing forward despite the times of difficulties she has endured. However the humble powerhouse wanted it to be clear that she is no victim but a victor and that music is her purpose. While she performed a number of songs from her latest project titled Who Am I , she required the audience to score her as she demonstrated what positive energy and hard work look like when joined together. 

“No matter how I may feel and no matter what’s going on in my life, I’m always going to show up. Music is my therapy,” said Serenity. “This is how I get all the way out. The stage builds you up.” 

The selections indicated a vast variety. In one moment she was playful and showed that she could Show Off. In the next she was serious and reminded everyone that although she’s a changed woman, she’s still not a force to be reckoned with as she chanted the anthem Sauce.

“Serenity is like my mentor and big sis,” said EPiche. “Anything I can do in support of her, I make a way. I know her struggle with Lupus as I’ve struggled with chronic asthma. It’s motivation for me period,”  

From being an orphan, her mothers passing, being shot, having her music stolen from her vehicle, fighting lupus, using her talent as an escape, the love of those around her, and her beautiful fiancé Purple, Serenity has showed it’s not where you’ve come from but where you are headed. 

“It’s all about helping people believe in themselves so they can have a normal life because I’m living mine right?”- Serenity. 

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